Why have a proposal designed by pros?

We know the industry and the local market

The professionals at TankGirl have spent their careers supporting the A/E/C industry and we focus on it exclusively. We speak the lingo, we know the issues and trends, and we know how to make you stand out. We may not know how to draw a construction document or pour concrete, but we are experts in helping your business grow, from writing an RFP response to helping you form a long-term marketing strategy.

TankGirl also specializes in the Phoenix-area market. We know your clients, your competition, and local issues. We know what it takes to win here and our local network is strong – maybe we can even introduce you to new talent or a new partner!

You’ll get personal attention

We’re a small and dedicated team, not a big, faceless agency. If you call us, we’ll pick up or call you right back, and we understand your sense of urgency. And Deirdre, our founder, is aware of and involved in every engagement.

We’ll make this easy – dare we say fun?

Our responsiveness during your AEC proposal design makes it easy for our clients to trust us. You won’t stress out over your engagement with TankGirl. We know our business and we like to have fun. Focus on your core business and let us wow you with our proposal designs that WIN.


We're used to being on the clock
Over 85% of our projects involve a time-sensitive project pursuit
We're pretty savvy with governments
Over half the proposals we do are public sector
“They are very responsive and we were successful working together, we’re very happy with the results – a 100% hit rate!”Tom Smith - Principal, Peak Engineering
“I really like Tonia’s work. Loved the great visuals in every project. It’s been a huge missing piece of how to communicate our brand and stand out in the market…”Titus Crabb - Principal, Vertech