This is the Armory



Start with a Plan!
Whether you’re preparing for a giant project with the due date closing in, or planning for opportunities years away from the whiteboard, we’ve got the hands-on experience to implement tactics that achieve success.


Stomp out the competition with epic proposal design
The professionals at TankGirl have spent their careers supporting the A/E/C industry and we focus on it exclusively. We speak the lingo, we know the issues and trends, and we know how to make you stand out. We may not know how to draw a construction document or pour concrete, but we are experts in helping your business grow, from writing an RFP response to helping you form a long-term marketing strategy.


Develop the Whole User Experience
Your website speaks to the world of your competence long before you earn a conversation.

Let us build your website with your strategic goals in mind.


Interactive Workshops for the Marketing Professional
From internal sales training to communications coaching that will transform your company’s image, TankGirl Marketing will prepare your team for success.


Our graphics tell stories
that win.
You need the TankGirl Marketing army of creatives to help you keep your brand locked and loaded. TankGirl is extensively experienced in the architecture, engineering and construction industries, professional services, economic development, and public governments.


How good are your boots on the ground?
TankGirl does business development with your bottom line in mind. Getting intel that wins is our number one priority when doing business development, as well as forging lasting relationships on the battlefield.

Executive-Level Marketing Advisor

Guiding Leaders with Actionable Marketing Insights
As a an Executive-Level Marketing Advisor, Deirdre Gilmore, FSMPS, CPSM, acts as a senior-level marketing executive to help with company growth and future planning, customer acquisition, sales development, leadership issues, and more.


Let TankGirl Find Your Next Team Member
In today’s competitive hiring market, finding the right candidate is next to impossible.

At TankGirl, we work hard to find you the best candidates from across the country to elevate your firm.