Meet your boots on the ground:

Name: Deirdre Gilmore      Title: Sergeant Strategy

Achievements: Deirdre Booth-Gilmore is a Certified Professional Services Marketer who has spent the past 17 years focused on the AEC community. She has worked for small niche firms, to three of the top ENR companies. She earned her Bachelors degree in English Literature from Sonoma State University. Specializing in business and marketing planning, training and coaching, strategic project pursuits, Deirdre is the General that keeps your firm moving through the battlefield.

Most likely to say in a meeting: “How does this fit into your marketing plan?”



Name: Faith Petersen         Title: Cadet Content Coordinator

Achievements: After finishing her basic training in Business Communications at Arizona State University, Faith advanced her abilities on the battlefield of the AEC industry. She has enlisted as our new Cadet Content Coordinator. Faith specializes in RFP response development, market research, reconnaissance, and event management. With strong industry expertise and a desire to work her way through up the ranks of marketing and design, she found her place with the innovative leadership and team at TankGirl.

Most likely to say in a meeting: “How can I support you?”


Name: Nikki Hasbun         Title: Captain Creativity

Achievements: Our new Captain of Creativity comes to TankGirl after 6 years of successfully working as a graphic design consultant . Nikki completed basic training in Graphic Design at Notre Dame, finding an early love for balance, beauty and design. Disciplined in the arts of branding and marketing, she loves to see the connection between design, success and winning bids. She brings to TankGirl the ability to not only deliver the best professional marketing plans and designs, but also to develop Spanish/English solutions to reach an even greater audience.

Most likely to say in a meeting: “Let’s talk about a color palette that works with your brand”


Name: Dana DuComb         Title: Corporal of Copy

Achievements: Dana brings over 20 years of writing and editing experience to TankGirl’s rank and file. With sniper sharp skills, Dana never misses the target when creating a storytelling experience for our clients. Through reconnaissance, she transforms technical jargon to a composition that excites and drives our clients forward. She brings years of professional growth from the trenches of education, and from the wide variety of copy work she’s accomplished, from ghost writing chapters on chakras to the benefits of 4D BIM in Resiliency, and everything in between.

Most likely to say in a meeting: “What are you trying to say?”