Your Marketing Experts


Deirdre Gilmore, FSMPS, CPSM

President + Lead Strategist

Deirdre has the unique ability to take high level ideas and develop solid strategies for success. Whether it is creating and implementing a strategic vision, or digging deep to win a specific project, she ensures the team is always ready for battle with the right strategy to execute the plan.

For more than 20 years she has focused on business /marketing planning, strategic project pursuits, and supporting firms through  implementing the tactics needed for success.

She earned her Bachelor’s in English Literature from Sonoma State University.

Kristi Bigelow, CPSM, PMP

Marketing Manager & TECHNICAL WRITER

Kristi brings more than 30 years of marketing and business development experience to TankGirl. With super organizational skills, she brings the team and logistics together when leading projects. Her industry experience and know-how give her the superpower to translate technical jargon into content that communicates the achievements and knowledge of our clients. She started her career in the trenches of A/E/C operations, which provided her a deep understanding of project and pursuit challenges from the operations perspective. She has strong data management skills across several platforms and helps clients quickly mobilize their data to work for them.

Kristi earned her Master of Organizational Management and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. She is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) through the Project Management Institute.
Faith Perez


Faith has seven years of professional services marketing experience. She does the heavy lifting on projects and is a master at project management. Her ability to foresee issues, keep the entire team informed and updated, and troubleshoot issues at a moment’s notice make her the linchpin in the team – she can herd all the cats without stepping on any paws. Faith focuses on project management, RFP response development, research, and website management.

Faith earned her Bachelor’s in Business Communications from Arizona State University.
Nikki Hasbun

Creative Director

Nikki has more than 10 years of graphic design experience in an agency setting. She is responsible for bringing your brand to life. While the rest of the team is focusing on strategy, content, and management – Nikki is the heart of the project. She has the unique ability to create memorable brands and marketing campaigns that resonate with your staff and clients. She is passionate about great design, but moreover, about creating visual identities that stand apart from the competition, truly reflect your unique brand, are usable, and last.

Nikki earned her Bachelor’s in Graphic Design from the University of Notre Dame.

Director of Barketing

As Director of Barketing, Tank takes his job seriously, welcoming staff, delivery folks, and the mail carrier to the office each day with fierce, yet joyous barking. With his tough as nails attitude, Tank is our daily inspiration to dig deep, no matter how big the challenge ahead of us. Tank has 14 years of experience in barketing, including begging for treats; playing with his pals Bella the dog and Killian the cat; chasing balls and toys; and always being a dependable shoulder to laugh or cry on. Tank’s greatest gift is the smile he puts on everyone’s face.