COVID -19 Resources

managed programs and Testing to give your company real-time, data-driven information for ensuring a safe site

COVID-19 TTI & Planning:
Managed Programs for the Construction Industry

As part of our ongoing approach to supporting our clients during this challenging time, TankGirl Marketing has partnered with Clutch Diagnostics to bring a much-needed resource to your job-sites and offices through two offerings: Managed Testing Programs and Self-Administered Rapid Test Kits. We have assembled the best partners in the world to provide the services you need to stay open and keep your workers safe.

COVID-19 TTI & Risk Assessment and Planning must be a part of every project plan until the population is vaccinated.

If you don’t have a plan, you, your subcontractors and suppliers, your clients, and your people are at risk. Even if you are doing all you can within for your firms, one sick employee or subcontractor can cause an outbreak and bring an entire job site to a standstill. 

Smart COVID-19 TTI & Planning will win work.

Your clients will care that you have a smart plan to keep your workers safe and the project on schedule and in fact many may require this as part of your safety plans.

Smart COVID-19 TTI & Planning will save you insurance and bonding dollars.

COVID-19 TTI, Safety & Site Management, and Supply Chain Risk Assessments and Planning will matter when project insurance and bonding rates are set. Similar to client requirements your insurance and bonding agents will likely require this planning.

Using their technology offering, Clutch empowers employers to register every employee and worker on site into a testing program. Employee and Employers both are notified of their results. The plan includes assisting the team member to the next steps of the medical process and tracking future testing of the infected individuals.

Platinum Occupational Medicine & Planning:

Platinum, one of the program partners, provides the risk assessment and planning for all of our managed care programs. For mid- and large General Contractors with Safety programs and training, Platinum is available to work by your side to provide science and best practices.

Ernst & Young Industrial & Manufacturing Group:

Partnered with Clutch Diagnostics from the beginning, E&Y can provide COVID-19 site and process risk assessments and planning.

Ernst & Young Block & Supply Chain Experts:

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc and will continue to have an impact on the supply chain. The E&Y team has real time data and analysis for all industry supply chains. They will work with you to plan ahead and lower your risk.

Clutch Rapid Tests:

A $20 Rapid Test allows real time results on Active COVID-19 and Antibody testing. Delivered straight to the company, the Rapid tests can be administered by any site medical tech, EMT or medical professional with results in 5 minutes.


Using an app that can be downloaded onto any iOS or Android device, Companies can trace the interaction between subcontractors, individuals, and delivery people within 6″ of accuracy. When an employee tests positive or becomes ill, the company will automatically be notified with a list of all other employees who have in contact within the last 14 days. In combination with Soft, a Rapid Test can be administered onsite to anyone reported as exposed.

House of Form Space Planning:

Trailers and office space has to change. House of Form has developed a fast COVID-19 Space Planning Process to get you up and running safely, quickly.

Short-Term COVID-19 Disability Insurance:

 Isolating your team  when they are ill will be difficult – especially your subcontractors. Clutch has partnered with AFLAC to quickly sign up your workers and your partners for under $3/month to supplement standard Short-Term Disability so they stay home when you need them to.