How did the name TankGirl Marketing come about?

When brainstorming names for our brand new marketing and business development firm, we knew for sure that it needed to be catchier than… Deirdre’s Consulting. We discussed what makes us tick, and the answer was clearly “strategy first.” We also discussed “WHO” we are, and someone gently reminded Deirdre that she is like an Army General to work with – strategic, direct, and relentless. We kicked around the military theme, but it just didn’t resonate at first. Then Deirdre was asked what inspires her, and the answer was, “Tank, my dog. He is a tiny little thing, who has had his share of problems, but every day he gets up and takes on the Pitbull!” So there it started – from a little dog with a big attitude, to circling back to “strategy first,” we became TankGirl Marketing.


One of the things we stress with our clients (among the usual best practice tirades) is how important it is to tell the story of your brand. How important it is for your clients to truly “get” you, understand who you are and what you’re all about. We decided it would be great to clear up the usual deer-in-the-headlights look when we say TankGirl and explain where it really came from….​

Deirdre Gilmore


And come on, the comic with the military chick and the helmet and the whole save the world thing is pretty cool too…

How do you take a brand and give it life?

While we are very serious when it comes to our work, we never take OURSELVES too seriously. We love putting our brand out there!

We wanted a brand that really reflected us as a team first, and the work that we do second.

Our brand lets us have fun through very serious deadlines and expectations.


A prospective client can quickly see what we are about and how we go about it.
We recommend this approach for all our clients, and we love seeing their personality become a message and tell a story. Marketers: do something fun today that tells your story!