Employee Recruiting

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In today’s competitive hiring market, finding the right candidate is next to impossible. At TankGirl, we work hard to find you the best candidates from across the country to elevate your firm. Deirdre Gilmore and Kristi Bigelow tap into their 30+ years of A/E/C relationships and experience to not just locate a candidate, but to complete the due diligence required to ensure they are a cultural fit as well as qualified. They are plugged into candidates at a national level and work hard to find the best person to fill your role. From initial screening through final negotiations, we are here to make the connections.

When recruiting we focus on finding candidates that possess not only the skill sets that you require, but who are also a good personality and cultural fit. We pre-screen all applicants and then present you with as many options as probable until you find the one. We offer:

  • Skills Assessment
  • DISC Assessment
  • Compensation Negotiation
  • Reference Checks and Social Media Research
  • 90-day Guarantee or We Replace the Candidate for Free

When you hire TankGirl to recruit, you get the benefit of our personal contacts – as well as anonymity- until we send you our top recommendations, freeing you from scanning hundreds of bad resumes and cold calls. We are discrete with our recruits’ and clients’ information, not introducing candidates and clients until we believe there is a good match.

Relationship matters, and TGM understands the essential need to pair the right company culture with the right candidate. I really appreciated how well TGM understood my skills and background, as well as how my professional growth would fit in with my new company’s needs culture. Deirdre took the time to understanding my professional needs and paired me with a company and culture that I needed thrive in.
Shannon Kopp

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If you’re looking for a position, please send your resume to tankgirl@gmail.com.