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Concord General Contracting, Inc.

Concord General Contracting, Inc. is a leading general contractor in Arizona with offices in Mesa and Tucson. For over 48 years, Concord’s specialty has been educational building and non-profit construction with a growing focus on municipal construction.

In 2014, Concord hired TankGirl Marketing to act as their firm’s marketing department. For two years, TankGirl led all their marketing efforts including proposal pursuits, graphic design, ads, etc.

By 2016, Concord hired their own team of marketing professionals, however TankGirl was still involved with Concord by assisting with graphics, strategic planning, and trade show support. In 2018, TankGirl took on their biggest marketing effort with Concord to date, the entire rebrand of their firm. This rebrand kicked off with a strategic plan followed by a design of a new logo, adaption of new brand standards, and a new website.

Now, TankGirl is still providing marketing support to their marketing team, specifically with market research, proposal pursuits, specialty graphics, staff mentoring and more.

If you are looking for a marketing consultant that brings the whole package, look no further than TankGirl. They are a group of professionals that work with you hand-in-hand knowing that your internal team won’t always agree, but will work tirelessly to bring you the best proposal, brand, graphic, etc. that will make you sit back and say “that’s it, we got it!”
Grenee Celuch, CPSM
CEO, Concord General Contracting