Advisory Chief Marketing Officer

Guiding Leaders with Actionable Marketing Insights
As an Executive Advisory C.M.O., Deirdre Gilmore, FSMPS, CPSM, is a senior-level marketing executive to help with company growth and future planning, customer acquisition, sales development, leadership/team issues, and more. Bringing in a executive-level marketing advisor can bring incredible value to companies who may need a shakeup in their existing leadership, do not need a full-time executive member, but DO need their experience and knowledge, or need a new perspective for their existing executive leadership team. She serves as an extension or addition to round out your company’s executive management team.

As Executive Advisory C.M.O., Deirdre can provide the following levels of support to your executive team:

  • Executive Addition to Management to round out your board or management team
  • Coaching, training, and mentorship for Leadership, Business Development and Marketing teams
  • Strategic Advisory Services
  • Strategic Planning Workshops
  • Marketing Department Audits

Deirdre’s executive skill set includes:

  • 21 years of AEC Marketing Executive leadership experience
  • Featured national speaker for SMPS and AGC, ASPE, ACEC, APWA, and many more industry organizations 
  • Holds the Fellows designation in SMPS, which means she is in the top 3% of her peers in AEC marketing
  • Experience advising clients with strategic goal setting for growth
  • Extensive Board experience (qualify)
  • Extensive executive coaching

When you partner with Deirdre Gilmore as your Executive Marketing Advisor, you’ll get an elite marketing executive that will help you and your firm meet your goals. You make a wise investment that will help your firm today and tomorrow, without sacrificing your company’s long-term objectives. In fact, you may just find that your Marketing Advisor can help you to achieve those goals much sooner than you think.